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Finis Kids Dragonfly Tint Goggles - Crab

Finis Kids Dragonfly Tint Goggles - Crab

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DragonFlys Goggles are the most comfortable kids' goggles, designed with a soft, neoprene split-strap for extra cushion. The DragonFlys' strap is easy for children to put on by themselves and floats in water to prevent lost goggles. The silicone eye gaskets provide a gentle, watertight seal. DragonFlys are latex and PVC-free and offer UV protection to keep childrens' eyes safe during water activities.

PERFECT GOGGLES FOR KIDS: Comfortable, easy-to-put-on goggles that won't get caught in hair; Ideal for ages 4-12
LOOP-AND-LOCK STRAP CLOSURE: Designed for quick and easy strap adjustments
CLEAR VISION: Provides cushion and comfort while creating a watertight fit for hours of splashing fun
FLOATING MATERIAL: Don't panic if you drop these goggles because the buoyancy prevents goggles from getting lost on the bottom of the pool
DURABLE POLYCARBONATE LENSES: Impact-resistant while offering UV protection and anti-fogging
WON’T PULL HAIR: Soft, split neoprene strap prevents hair from snagging

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