Swimsuit Care


About to wear a new suit? Before the first use, please soak swimwear in a mixture of 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar per 1 quart of water for approximately 30 minutes. This will slow down fading and keep bright colors vibrant longer.


1. Pre-Pool Prep: Just before diving into the pool, shower while wearing your swimsuit and soak it with clean water. This reduces chlorine absorption. 

2. Post-Swim Rinse: Immediately after swimming in chlorinated or saltwater, rinse your swimsuit in cool water.

3. Initial Wash: Wash your swimwear separately until any excess dye is gone. Some initial color release is normal but will stop with time.

4. Hand Wash: Hand wash your swimsuit in cool water. For optimal care, use a swimsuit cleaner to neutralize harmful chemicals. If unavailable, opt for a mild liquid soap (but avoid Woolite). Rinse thoroughly.

5. Gentle Squeeze: To remove excess water, gently roll your swimsuit in a clean, lint-free, light-colored, fade-resistant towel and squeeze.

6. Stain Removal: If dealing with a stain, work from the underside to push it out, not rub it in. Air dry the suit after spot cleaning, and repeat if needed.


1. Towel Up: Avoid sitting on pool edges or boats without using a towel to prevent snagging.

2. Pool Edge Caution: Refrain from rubbing the front of your suit against the inner pool edge, as it can cause snags and a "pilled" appearance.

3. Machine No-Go: Never machine wash or dry your swimsuit. Avoid bleach, ironing, washing with whites, or tumble drying. Excessive heat can damage your swimwear.

4. No Moisture Traps: Don't leave your swimsuit rolled up in wet towels or inside a gym bag. Prolonged moisture can lead to odor and swimsuit damage.

5. Oil-Free Zone: Stay clear of oil-based suntan lotions, as they can harm the fabric and elastic, potentially causing stains.

6. Hot Tub Alert: Avoid wearing your new bathing suit in hot tubs or Jacuzzis, as they can be harsh on swimwear. For such occasions, consider using an older suit.

7. Delicate Fabrics: Exercise extra caution with holographic or metallic fabrics, as they are delicate and may lose their shine over time.