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Aqua Sphere

Aquasphere Towable Dry Bag Open Water Swim Float Buoy 15L

Aquasphere Towable Dry Bag Open Water Swim Float Buoy 15L

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The inflatable Aqua Lung IDry Bag is the answer to the question of where to put your clothes and valuables while swimming, snorkeling or stand-up paddling. The waterproof bag not only keeps your clothes, keys or other important utensils dry and safe. It also ensures your personal safety, as you can use the roomy dry bag as a reliable buoy that ensures excellent visibility in the water for accompanying persons, sailors, boaters and surfers.

As a perfect companion for triathlon swim training, the dry bag by Aqua Lung includes a tow line and adjustable belt that is worn around the waist. Yet, the resistance in water is pleasantly low, as the IDry bag has two air chambers for high buoyancy. The buoy is also perfectly suitable to track and measure the distance swum with GPS devices. Just put the GPS watch into the bag or attach it to the buoy for better readability. Thanks to a compact size, the bag allows for easy transport after sports.

· Inflatable dry bag
· 2 air chambers with safety valve
· With carrying handle and belt
· Buoy
· Roll closure with buckle

Volume: 15 l
Material: durable PVC
Size: 71 x 36 cm
Color: orange

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